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Through the solar power project for toll plazas, Technovaa aims to improve energy efficiency, contribute to cleaner air and reduce carbon emissions along the expressway.

“We have since incorporated sustainable energy in our business operations as we already have solar-powered devices such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, emergency call boxes and roadway lighting. This time, we’re implementing it in our toll plazas not only to generate energy savings, but also more importantly, to lessen our carbon footprint,”

It is a device which converts the light energy into electricity by photovoltaic effect. In this project we have placed an array of solar panels along the road side of toll plaza. The energy is then stored in a battery which is then used for the various operations of toll plaza.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Shipping plans to develop solar powered toll plazas on national highways across the country.

As compared to toll plazas powered by conventional sources of energy, solar powered toll plazas have a reduced carbon footprint.

Given that combustion of fossil fuels for generation of electricity results in considerable emission of CO2, the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities, the proposal by the MoRTH for developing solar powered toll plazas can be considered a small but concrete step towards addressing the concerns expressed worldwide over the impacts of climate change.