Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)

We install all Road Side Equipment like CCTV Cameras, Automatic Traffic Classification and Counting (ATCC), Emergency Call Boxes (ECB), Control Center Room (CCR), Variable Message Signs (VMS), Mobile Communication System (MCS) etc. We also perform Traffic survey for feasibility report. It includes identifying traffic volume, classification, patterns and seasonal fluctuations.

Toll Plaza Software Services

Technovaa”s self-developed Toll Management System Software (TMS) is very easy to use even by an unskilled operator. Developed on Oracle 12c platform, it works through PLC which has ECLR microprocessor, Altera NIOS II 64 MHz that communicates with all plaza devices like AVCC, RFID, UFD, CCTV, Infrared devices, WIM etc. We guarantee best price in the entire industry!

Toll Transaction Remote Monitoring (TTRM)

We have installed thousands of CCTV/IP cameras for monitoring purpose at various locations. Out expert team carefully chooses camera locations to cover maximum area and provide maximum supervision. We also deliver different types of barricades and vehicle detection equipments.

Toll Plaza Hardware Services

All our hardware devices like Automatic Vehicle Classification and Counting (AVCC), Traffic Lights, OHLS, Barrigates, User Fair Display (UFD), WIM, RFID, ETMs are controlled by our ECLR microprocessor based PLC. It is a unique and compact device and controls all devices very efficiently.

Welcome to Technovaa Software and Hardware Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Technovaa Software and Hardware Solutions Pvt. Ltd., head quartered at Indore in Madhya Pradesh, INDIA, works in all streams of Intelligent Traffic Management:

* ATMS – Advanced Traffic Management Systems
* HTMS – Highways Traffic Management Systems
* TMS – Toll Management Systems

Technovaa specializes in Complete Toll Plaza Installation which includes TMS software, hardware, electrical etc. We also provide operational services on these plazas with our own staff of engineers & operators. This allows our clients to focus on their core specialization which is to build more and more top class national and state highways while we take care of their, pilferage-free, revenue collection. In the last one decade, we have completed several Toll Plazas in compliance with regulatory norms set by state and national authorities like NHAI, state PWDs, MPRDC etc. In short, we help our clients get hassle-free approvals of their projects resulting in quicker payment releases. We have an expert technical team that works on completion of project within the set time frame every time. This brilliant team gives us edge on BOT projects. Not all vendors provide the right services, therefore Technovaa takes up such projects for system upgradation and technology enhancement to get you back on maximum revenue collection on your existing projects. Technovaa strengths are five-fold:

* Technology
* Integration Skills
* Time Management
* Broad Market Experience and
* Regulatory Compliance.

Technovaa developed sophisticated end-to-end Toll Management solutions address all the challenges faced by Tolling industry like easy-to-operate software, vehicle classification, identify and stop any revenue loss, precise reports, data safety, continuity etc. We thought out each of these challenges and imbibed effective solutions to all these challenges in our system. TMS is completely customizable and user friendly. So, if you are looking for a one stop solution to all your Toll Management needs, you have reached the right place, Technovaa!

Toll Plaza Demo